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About Chelsey!

        As a young girl, I had the dream of playing the harp and making it my future career. It all started during Christmas when I found a Christmas tree ornament of an angel that was playing the harp. It was then that I decided that I wanted to play the harp someday. Once I got a little older, I discussed this dream with my Mom. The harp being a big (and expensive) dedication, my Mom agreed that I could learn how to play the harp after two years of piano lessons accompanied with diligent practicing. With full determination, I accomplished this task and started taking harp lessons.


        Since then, I have been playing in orchestras and ensembles such as the Boise Youth Philharmonic, Centennial High School Orchestra, Salt Lake Symphony, University of Utah Symphony, Crimson Harp Ensemble and the Utah State University Orchestra. To give back to the community, I have played in retirement homes, farmers markets, churches, weddings, and other special events.


        I started my education as a professional harpist at the University of Utah and later transferred to Utah State University to accompany my husband there. In May of 2020 I graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music with emphasis in the harp. Playing the harp is a dream come true. I love to get my hands on a brand new piece and start studying it. Performing my pieces is another one of my favorite things, as it is my way of giving back to my family, friends, and community. I also have a passion for teaching the harp and love to share my knowledge and talent with others. I am excited with what the future holds and hoping to be able to give back to you at one of your special occasions!

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